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The principle of Hawking equipment to eliminate welding stress

The principle of Hawking equipment to eliminate welding stress is to use the high-power frequency tool to impact the metal surface as per twenty thousand times per second and make the metal surface a great plastic deformation due to hawking high frequency,high efficiency and high energy under the same time,the hawking vibration wave change the original stress field and creat a certain number of hitting stress,and the impacted site will be strengthened.

The principle of Hawking equipment to improve the fatigue strength and life of welded point

Use the Hawking equipment to impact the weld toe,then make it become compression deformation and smooth geometry transition,thus reduce the weld toe over height and the stress also eliminate the micro crack and slag defects,and restrain the crack initiation in advance.Ajust the weld residual stress field,eliminate the pulling stress and creat hitting stress around the weld toe,at the same time,make the toe part more strengthened.Therefore,The hawking equipment eliminate the residual stress and improve the several influence factors of fatigue performance,for example,the toe geometry,residual stress,micro crack , slag defects and surface strengthened,so it will improve the weld toe’s fatigue strength and life.

The advantages of Hawking equipment to eliminate welding stress

It’s the method that eliminate weld residual stress completely and creat ideal hitting stress(others aging methods to eliminate the residual stress of the situation as follows:30-50% of VSR,40-80% heat aging,80-10% hawking aging).

Improve the weld strength 50-120%,fatigue life 5-100 times.corrosion resistance 400% in corrosive enviroments.

It can completely replace the heat aging and VSR aging,the process simple and the result is stable and reliable(it can be used everywhere,everytime,every process,vert easy to use)

Hawking method can be used without considering the material,shape,struture,plate thickness,weight,place,especially easy to use at the construction site, to eliminate the welding stress while welding and repairing.

Can make the over height,pits,undercut into Arc,and reduce the stress concentration factor.

Can eliminate the micro cracks and slag defects of toe,restrain crack intiation in advance.

Improve the several influence factors of weld fatigue performence,for example,the residual stress,micro crack, toe geometry and surface strengthen.

It’s good for the large structure especially,for example,the site,over height or over low.

Environmental protection,energy saving,safety, and very easy to use at the construction sites.


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