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VSR equipment

VSR is a resonant device in the form of the substance to exert additional dynamic stress of the workpiece, when additional dynamic stress and residual stress superimposed, meet or exceed the material yield limit, the workpiece micro-or macro-plastic deformation occurs, thereby reducing both chemical components and internal residual stresses and dimensional accuracy to achieve stability.
VSR Technology Overview:

VSR technology, foreign called "Vibrating Stress Relief" (referred to as the "VSR"), designed by a dedicated VSR equipment, so that the workpiece is processed resonance, and in this way a certain resonance energy transfer to the vibration all parts of the workpiece, the workpiece micro-plastic deformation occurs within - the gradual recovery of the lattice is distorted equilibrium. Dislocation slip and re-pinning, and finally to get rid of residual stress and are, thus ensuring the stability of the workpiece dimensional accuracy.
VSR works:

VSR also known as vibration vibration to eliminate stress method, is the artifacts (including castings, forgings, welded components, etc.) in its natural frequency of vibration treatment for tens of minutes, remove and all of its residual stress, the dimensional accuracy to obtain a stable a method. This process has low energy consumption, time is short, the effect is remarkable and so on. At home and abroad in recent years has been rapid development and wide application.

VSR features:

VSR is a real resonance in the form of additional dynamic stress applied to the workpiece, when additional dynamic stress and residual stress superimposed, meet or exceed the material yield limit, the workpiece micro-or macro-plastic deformation occurs, thereby reducing both chemical components and internal residual stress and dimensional accuracy to achieve stability.
VSR reason to get all aspects of general importance, because it has the following characteristics:

1, less investment. Compared with the thermal aging, it does not require a huge time-furnace can save an area with expensive equipment investment. The large-scale modern industrial casting and welding parts, such as thermal stress relief you need to build a large aging aging furnace, is not only expensive, low utilization, and the furnace temperature uniformity is difficult to eliminate the stress of poor results. VSR can be used completely avoid these problems.

2, short production cycle. After months of natural aging at least long-term placement, shall also be required dozens of hours of thermal aging cycle to complete, and the vibration of VSR, only to tens of minutes to complete. Moreover, the VSR subject to site constraints, the workpiece can be reduced from the time before and after transport. If the vibration device placed in the machining production line, not only the production of more compact arrangement, and can eliminate the processing work generated stress on love.

3, easy to use. VSR equipment, small size, light weight, easy to carry. Complete set of equipment, the device itself but also the total weight 65KG. Because space is limited vibration aging treatment without vibration device can be brought to the scene. So this process compared with the thermal aging, easy to use and flexible.

4, strong adaptability. It is not part size and material constraints, from a few kilograms to several hundred tons of the workpiece can easily use the vibration aging technology, especially for large, medium, severe deformation of the workpiece and the workpiece thermal aging, it can show VSR its superior performance.

5, save energy and reduce costs. The resonance frequency of the workpiece under the aging process, energy consumption is minimal. Practice has proved that power with 0.25 to 1 horsepower mechanical vibration exciter can be 150 tons of artifacts. Therefore, a rough calculation of its thermal energy consumption of only 3 to 5% of the time, cost, thermal aging only 8 to 10%.

6, the mechanical properties significantly. After vibration treatment of the residual stress of the workpiece can be eliminated 30% to 55%, eliminating the high tensile stress area than the proportion of low stress District. Therefore, the workpiece can be used to improve strength and fatigue life, reducing stress corrosion. Can prevent or reduce the heat treatment, welding and other processes caused by micro-cracks. Can improve the ability of resistance to deformation of the workpiece, the workpiece accuracy and stability, improve the accuracy of the workpiece to improve the mechanical properties.

7, in line with environmental requirements. The aging process to avoid the waste heat aging of flue gas dust and other sources.

8, the other. VSR is simple, easy to implement mechanized automation. Can avoid the metal parts produced in the thermal aging process warpage, oxidation, decarburization, and hardness and decreased defects.

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