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A technical exchanges will be organized in CCMT2012

Seminars : Hawking superfinishing technology

Exhibition : E Hall D303

Time : 13:30-16:15,April 17

Address : 206 Nanjing,second floor,Jinling Convention Center,International Expo Centre,Nanjing

The Seventh China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2012) will be held on16-20 April 2012 at Nanjing International Expo Center. The theme of this session of CCMT will be "Keeping pace with increasing demands and accelerating structural adjustment."

Over the years, along with China's rapid economic growth, the demand for machine tool market is undergoing tremendous changes, from the initial needs of a large number of general machine tools to the rapidly growing popularity of CNC machine tools, and now the demands for high-end CNC machine tools, complex machines, combined machines, complete set of equipment, production line as well as complete solutions are escalating, especially in the core manufacturing industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and power generation equipment and products and technologies are undergoing rapid changes, machine tools and equipment have been required to meet newer and higher comprehensive requirements.

Machine tool industry must closely follow the changing market and upgrading needs to accelerate its restructuring and new product development, to provide users with advanced application equipment, and strive to make a breakthrough in processing typical parts for the key users, to improve the market share of the middle-high end CNC machine tool, to build global brands, to enhance the industry's overall strength and core competitiveness.

Restructuring itself should be rich in content. It is not only to adjust the industrial structure of the machine tool industry, to strengthen the core technology research and development as well as the construction of core competitiveness, but also to adjust the product structure, eliminating backward production capacity and develop more products suitable to market needs. Again not only to strengthen the relating management between the industry itself and restructuring, services and work at all aspects, but to focus on making an in-depth study in users’ products and processes, to change the service mode from simply selling products to providing users with comprehensive solutions, to increase the value-added products and technology, to continue enhancing market competitiveness.

The coming period is the key period of the industry in implementation of the "12th Five-year Plan", machine tool companies, how to implement the requirements of "12th Five-year Plan" , how to actually carry out deep research and development, innovation and processes adjustment, how to solve the technical problems at deep level, and upgrade the industrialization level, how to satisfy the needs of rapid upgrading and changing market demands with more suitable high quality products and perfect services, all of them will be presented in CCMT2012. By then, the industry enterprises will bring the latest technological achievements and new service concept to the users, to accept the market test.

CCMT2012, look forward to your participation!

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