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Hawking Cylindrical Superfinishing Technology



Processing Unprocessed And Processed


1. Reach roughness below Ra0.1 easily.
2. Suitable for different diameter cylindrical,too small or too large.
3. Suitable for all kinds of metials,like carbon steel, aluminum alloy,copper,ect.
4. Can be used in all kinds of machine tools,like lathe,grinding machine,boring
    machine,milling machine,planning machine and CNC machine tools,ect,
    just change the cutter.
5. Improve the production-efficiency,wear-resistance,corrosion-resistance greatly,
    micro hardness 20% and fatigue life 5 ~100 times.

The process of Hawking superfinishing machine

Firstly,make the workpiece basic processed in the general purpose machine,then apply Hawking superfinishing cutter again,the roughness will reach less than Ra0.1 easily, just like ironing the clothes,a kind of hiting stress created on the surface at the same time,the mico hardness will be improved more than 20%,the wear resisitance will be improved greatly and the life will be improved 5 ~10 times.

Hawking metal mirror surface finishing technology applicable scope

Hawking cutters can be used on various of machines tools, such as, horizontal lathes, vertical lathes, grinding machines, boring machines, milling machines, planning machines, spherical lathes, machining centers and so on. What’s more, hawking special purpose machines are fit for different machinery manufacturing industry…


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